Painter of the mystical, otherworldly, sensual, and whimsical.

I'm a painter living and working in the beautiful finger-lakes region of Western New York State. I am also an avid gardener and nature lover, so the lush green rolling hills, gentle streams, and majestic lakes that surround my home in this world often appear in the fantasy worlds of my paintings.

Many of the pieces draw inspiration from folk tales, myths and legends. These "teaching tales" were what drew us together around our hearth-fires for centuries, and I believe those stories still carry power.

I enjoy looking at these ancient tales, through my eyes, and painting what I see, no matter if it's beautiful or disturbing. But what's more fun is when others can see those same paintings and find something within of value that speaks to their soul directly. I do not plan for this, but am honored when it happens, and, oh, yes, do love hearing about it every time that it happens. It reminds me that maybe we are not so different after all.

Glad to meet you, and please enjoy the paintings!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New this year: Portia St. Luke Christmas Ornament (Blue Jay)

This may be insane, or it may be brilliant, and, either way, I'm excited.  For the first year ever, we're releasing a Portia St. Luke Christmas Ornament.  The painting is a gentle, realistic watercolor and ink painting of a blue-jay perched on a tiny birch sprig. 

 The fearless blue-jay is known for both its talkativeness and its seemingly boundless courage. Much like Magpies, ravens, and crows, they are vocal, expressive and can mimic other birds and humans. Call the energy of the blue-jay into your life to help strengthen your sense of and to find courage to speak out,“find your voice,” and believe in yourself. Those with the blue jay as a totem or spirit guide are often drawn to professions such as sales people, lawyers, politicians, public speakers, and teachers.


Above: St Luke, Portia. Blue-jay and Birches
2008. Mixed media on paper. (Private collection.)

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  1. Love the Bluejay! And the Ornament idea is a good one!